Hot on the heels of our soft opening, we have a little hurdle to jump over, or go around as the case may be.  Roy Head Bridge on HWY 129 between Cleveland and Albert Reid RD will be closed starting today, June 12, 2018 for repairs.  The work is anticipated to take about a month.  This bridge is between the Appalachian Parkway bypass and Albert Reid RD, and was for most folks the easiest way to get to Yonah Preserve Trails.  I am linking two different alternate routes for folks to use until the bridge is reopened.  I started them both from Ingles Market in Cleveland.  The northern route will take you down Asbestos Road past the White County Rec Department to the northern end of Albert Reid RD:

Asbestos Road Detour Route

The southern route will take you on the official detour route for HWY 129 on Tesnatee Gap Valley RD and will be marked with detour signs.  It will bring you out near the high school, where you will turn right to get to Albert Reid RD:

Tesnatee Gap Valley RD Detour Route

Please plan to use these alternate routes until we let you know that the bridge project has been completed and is open to traffic again.  Hope to see you on the trails soon!